Collectable Record Labels


DECCA Record Label:

decca classical recordDecca produced the SXL series which are now one of the most collectable Classical Vinyl Records. These Stereo Classical Records are identified by SXL followed by a 4 digit number. This can be found on the top of the back cover and also on the Record label. These Records are known as the wide band label because of the thick silver band that runs accross the label. The Record Label should have the letters FFSS in a circle at the 12 o'clock position on the label. It is only the Original pressings that are highly collectable. Later pressings of this series are not worth as much.


classical lp deccas narrow bandIf you now look at the this Classical Record label you can see the width of the silver band is greatly decreased these are the later SXL pressing and then known as the narrow band. Box sets in this series have the same label but a purple background instead of black. The letters SET can be found on the box and label of these sets followed by a 3 digit number. Decca Monos of this period bear the letters LXT followed by a 4 digit number and are occasionally valuable, mainly certain violin and cello records. Unfortunately if a Stereo version of the record was issued in the SXL series it is not worth much at all.