Vinyl Record Collections Wanted


Vinyl LPs starting from 1950's

If your Classical Vinyl Record Collection contains records between the 1950's & 1960's then you may have some valuable records that we are always keen to purchase for cash. Classical Vinyl Records are collected mainly by record labels. The main collectable records of today are listed on the left. For more detail regarding Classical Record Labels use the links provided.


Classical Record Collections started in the mid 1970's are unfortunately less valuable but they will still be considered.

  • If you are interested in a selling your Classical Vinyl Record collection please email us a list of the catalogue numbers provided that the records are in excellent condition (ie without visible marks or scratches). See grading guide. The catalogue numbers are usually found at the top back of the cover. Jazz Records collections also wanted, CDs considered.

  • We will travel to view sizeable collections, alternately you can post them to us via prior arrangement. TEL: 0845 467 1775